Ashley & Buck Wheat (12-13-2008)

Today I am the entertainer for a fantastic couple I began working with back in April. Ashley and Buck are a match made… well at Tarleton State, where they met and eventually fell in love. Ashley is a very orginized and planned out woman and Buck is a laid back hard working traditional style man. One must admire Buck’s personal qualities because they are those many of us wish we had or wish we did better.

There wedding and reception is being held at the Oaks Fellowship Church in Red Oak.

The ceremony was great. We started 30min from the processional with a slideshow of them growing up and then them together. Now the really neat part is that the slideshow was playing on all the TVs in the church’s lobby…the only drarw back was getting everyone to get inside to sit down. We had to assure them the slideshow was going on inside too.

The reception was a hoot and one of the bigger challenges of being an entertainer because we were not allowed to dance. Keeping guests involved and entertained was a lot of fun because it allowed me to break out from the “normal” confounds of a traditional wedding reception.

We began the evening with some fantatic and humorous introductions followed by an emotional love story of Buck and Ashley’s journey to this magical day. I had great connection with this couple and found myself on the verge of tears durring their exciting story.

Right at the end of the reception Buck’s family and friends wanted to make sure that Ashley felt welcome to the family so they gave her a special gift…

That’s right it’s a pink riffle! That just about sums up these two, they are truly made for each other and so very in love. It isn’t often when you see this type of deep understanding and love for each other, especially in such a young couple.

Thank you for a wonderful time and allowing me the opportunity serve as your MC.


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