Chandra & James McTyre (12-27-2008)

Tonight I have a great honor. I am entertaining at a family friends wedding. Chandra has been friends with my wife for nearly 18 years. They met in the 4th grade and did everything together. When Leslie found out Chandra was getting married she immediately began to cry. This is truly an honor and privilege to me and I am so happy for Chandra and James.

Last night was the rehearsal and dinner which was held at the Oaisis which over looks lake Travis and one of the most beatiful sunsets I have ever witnessed. The Oaisis is a fantastic venue to host a rehearsal dinner or wedding for that matter. If you ever find yourself in Austin and thinking of something to do, The Oaisis is a must see.

I arrived at the wedding chapel at 1:30pm to start setting up for the event. I was preparing a suprise with some LED uplighting behind their alter setup for use durring the water ceremony.

As guests arrived we had the room dimmly lit with the alter area lit in blue. The ceremony began and Chandra & James shared vows which they had written themselves. James said his vows while choking up, come to find out he also cut the last lines because he was loosing the ability to speak through his emotions. As Chandra gave her vows I could hear the entire room fill with what can only be described as pure emotion. I, being the helpless romantic that I am, completely lost it. I haven’t cried at a wedding in a long time, but the words Chandra spoke to her true soul mate where…well I can’t even find the words to describe them, the only thing I can say is amazing.

As they progressed through the ceremony they did a water ceremony in place of a unity candle. This was the little suprise I programmed for the ceremony. As the minister started the water ceremony he began with a description of the water colors they each had. As this happenned I had each side of the alter light up in the colors each were holding. Then the minister described the meaning of the combining of the yellow and blue colors creating green. When this happened the entire alter area lit up in green. It was a great visual representation of what was happening since you really couldn’t see the water very well.

After pictures, which were being captured by my wife and talented photographer Leslie Wandel of Artistic Image Weddings, we really got the party started with their very first dance as husband and wife. This was followed by a shared mother/son & father/daughter dance which lead directly to a packed dance floor for open dancing.

I had such a great time watching the love shared between these two and the wonderful friends and family they share. It was truly my honor to be a part of this special event and my privillage to call Chandra & James friends.

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