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Winnie Carrol’s Sweet 16 (1-21-2009)

Posted in Other Events on January 21, 2009 by chadalanevents

Well tonight’s event went late so I didn’t actually get to write about it durring the event, but the party was great.

It was held at the City Club in Fort Worth and was basically a super sweet sixteen party. These guys can really put on a party. A few days before Winnie’s mom Peggy gave me a bag of pictures to create a special slideshow of her daughter through her life which we displayed on a huge projection screen setup between to mirrored columns in the Ballroom. This was a great moment durring the night as the entire room went silent to watch the production.

The party started off with a big bang…literally. Winnie was escorted into the ballrom with a stilt walker juggling LED balls changing color and a fire eater! Yes I said a fire eater! He only was able to perform for a few minutes as the facilty would only allow him to perform for the entrance. But hey what an entrance it made.

Watching all the girls dressed up in their ballgowns and masks for the mascarade party was great. A few of the ladies even had some very ornate painted masks. Needless to say all the glitz and glamour kept the photo booth station running like crazy.

now one of the most interesting thing I have seen in a while was probably the most competitive game of musical chairs ever. I couldn’t believe the how feirce the battle for a chair could get. These girls were serious about winning the games and the prizes. We played a lot of really fun games and had some great laughs with the girls. Then to finish up we packed the dance floor as we rocked out some great music and music videos.

What a great party!


Medievil Lighting At Castle Douglas

Posted in DJ/MC Industry, Weddings on January 17, 2009 by chadalanevents

Today’s event is of mythical proportions. I will be lighting the Castle Douglas in Rockwall.

This facility is hands down one of my most favorite places to have events. What better way to be the princess of a fairytale wedding than to be at a Castle! The grounds are beautiful, the owners are just absolutely wonderful to work with and the building is just inspirational to look at.

So the crew and I arrived at the castle at noon to begin setup for the 6:00pm ceremony. We would be lighting custom made crystallized rose trees throughout the facility along with up lighting in the Grand Hall and pin spotting in the cake room. Also included in the lighting done tonight is dance floor lighting placed in the balcony of the Grand Hall and the dangling crystals from the peer through in the lobby.

So to start us off we did the Grand Hall and the area where the large crystal tree would be placed for the ceremony.

Archway area:

The Grand Hall:

Then we went to work in the cake room up lighting the crystallized rose trees around the cake and then spotlighting the cake with LED spots.

And lastly we lit up the peer through from the second story in the lobby. We had hung strands of crystals a round the opening of the circular opening and the blue light refracted of the crystals creating a unique shimmering of blue sparkles and soft glowing hues in the lobby which made every guest stop and look up for a minute.

Working at Castle Douglas always means working with some of the best vendors in the area. Tonight would be no different. David Allen of Cassidy’s Entertainment was the Master of Ceremonies and DJ for the event. Every time I see David perform I am more and more impressed with the level of quality and commitment he gives to each client. I have only ever run into a handful of vendors that give the level of attention and care as he does. David of course rocked the party and the happy couple left with smiles as wide as a Texas sunset

Paige & Nathan Fortie (1-3-2009)

Posted in Weddings on January 3, 2009 by chadalanevents

I’m starting the year off with a great wedding reception. Tonight I have the honor to entertain for one of my past wedding planning students, Paige.

Paige and Nathan actually got married yesterday in San Diego, then flew back to Dallas for another celebration! All I can say is wow that takes some stamina. Their reception is being held at Maggiano’s in Willow Bend.

I will be setting up in two seperate rooms this evening. One is the Dancing room with the cake and the other is the dinning room. Fortunately these rooms are just across the hall from each other and don’t really pose any line of sight issues.

I will be doing some up lighting in the dinning room and than some dance lighting in the cake and Dancing room.

The Dinning room before….

The Dinning room after….

And here is how the Cake looked….

Paige and Nathan are great together I can see the love in their eyes…hinted with a little jet lag. But these two had a great time…I’m not sure Paige ever left the dance floor but hey that’s the whole idea isn’t it? At the end of the night they were definitly tired, happy and in love.

I wish the best for Paige and Nathan and a big thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very special day number 2.