Chad Wandel to Present at Chicago ADJA National Conference

The American Disc Jockey Association is hosting it’s first ever National Conference this year in Chicago. The ADJA is the largest and most powerful association in the DJ industry and Chad Wandel of Chad Alan Events will be presenting a seminar covering topics on “Working with Wedding Planners”.

I will be using the years of experience as a professional wedding entertainer and the ears of experience as a Certified Wedding Planner to bring an educational presentation of challages that both industrues face and how wedding planners can be the driving force in a succesful business model, if a DJ understands their roles and responsibilities and how we can better serve our clients through them.

If you are a DJ and you have not yet signed up for this conference then you need to join the ADJA and attend. This will be by far one of the most amaing conference of the year not mention the least expensive!! Check out all the details at


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