The Enemy of Great is Good – Part 3

So, in the last post in this series we talked about being involved in your local industry association and in your community. Today I want to bring you the second principle of being great.  This lesson again, was learned while helping my friend rescue his business.

Are you a Mentor? If not are you being mentored? You should have answered yes to at least one of those questions if not both. If you didn’t answer yes, then let’s work on a few things to fix this issue.  I bet you just asked yourself “Why do I need a Mentor?” Thankfully this is an easy answer. Everyone needs a coach; we can’t always see the things we need to fix or the details that are holding us back.  The best example I have is back in college while I was in music school. I had a coach that spent hours with me just hammering me on fundamentals. She constantly was yelling at me to fix my bow pressure, watch my finger positions, and to ease up on my wrists during my bow strokes. She drove me insane! In all honesty I was too young and too stupid to appreciate the lessons she was teaching me. However, I see now the importance of having that person standing by you, helping you fix the tiny details which build a better you.  We often get into a groove will performing our duties and working in our businesses, and this groove can lead to patterns and sometimes it can lead to bad habits.  The worst thing that can happen is we can be doing things wrong and not even be aware we are doing them at all.  This is where having a coach and receiving feedback and critiques can elevate you from good to great!

The second part is being a Mentor.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your business or your career you can always be a Mentor to someone.  Being a mentor is like being a teacher and I’ve always said to others “that if you truly want to learn something teach it.” Over the years I have been a Mentor to quite a few people and with every person that I have been involved with I have always grown personally and professionally.  Each experience was an opportunity for me as well.  I always found something I can do better or a new way of presenting an old idea.  Being a Mentor was and is one of my favorite passions.  I love to teach and I hope that shows in the classes I teach at the University of Texas at Arlington.  I bet some of my students would happily tell you about their experiences…right?

So from this lesson I want to leave with a thought. How far can you elevate yourself without someone helping you? As you think of this question also think about how far you could elevate yourself if you had someone always watching and giving you feedback on your business. So I ask you, what are your experiences with being a Mentor or a student?

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