The Enemy of Great is Good – Part 4

As we continue in this part 4 of “The Enemy of Great is Good” series I want to bring the subject to a personal level.  This time we will be discussing the separation of Business Life and Personal Life.

This isn’t the easiest concept to live by even though on paper is sounds so easy.  In our lives, and as entrepreneurs, we often find our decisions land in the middle since we share so much of our personal life with our business life.  The problems we run into, and sometime never even know they are problems, are easy to fix but take discipline to keep fixed.

The first issue is the separation of business.  By this I mean keeping your financial houses in order.  Do everything in your power to keep you business finances away from personal finances…or should I have said that the other way around.  It is very easy to look at your business and say to yourself “it’s all my money anyway.” While this statement may be true, for you business to grow and prosper you must treat is as a business. And though you are the owner, you must remember you are also an employee. It is a discipline to keep these two apart, trust me I deal with this one every day!

The second issue is the closing hours of business.  When your business is supposed to be closed, close it! Too often I find myself working well beyond the time limit I have placed on my business life and that’s a no, no! I can’t let my personal life suffer because I’m a workaholic.  Besides, my family is far more important to me than my business.  You must give yourself time away from business to clear your thoughts and allow your brain to organize the days’ work.  If you don’t do this then you overflow your brain and you lose thoughts and ideas. Did I mention burn out?

Whatever you make a priority will always dominate your life, for me that’s my family.  You must always remember to define your roles and responsibilities.  Then, you must live by them. It is a concept that sounds so simple, yet when you go to put this in practice you will see how just how difficult it is.

This is just the surface of the issue of keeping business and personal separate, but I hope it gives you a starting point for making changes and starting fresh.  But I ask you, what has been the most challenging aspect of keeping your business and personal separate?


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