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Medievil Lighting At Castle Douglas

Posted in DJ/MC Industry, Weddings on January 17, 2009 by chadalanevents

Today’s event is of mythical proportions. I will be lighting the Castle Douglas in Rockwall.

This facility is hands down one of my most favorite places to have events. What better way to be the princess of a fairytale wedding than to be at a Castle! The grounds are beautiful, the owners are just absolutely wonderful to work with and the building is just inspirational to look at.

So the crew and I arrived at the castle at noon to begin setup for the 6:00pm ceremony. We would be lighting custom made crystallized rose trees throughout the facility along with up lighting in the Grand Hall and pin spotting in the cake room. Also included in the lighting done tonight is dance floor lighting placed in the balcony of the Grand Hall and the dangling crystals from the peer through in the lobby.

So to start us off we did the Grand Hall and the area where the large crystal tree would be placed for the ceremony.

Archway area:

The Grand Hall:

Then we went to work in the cake room up lighting the crystallized rose trees around the cake and then spotlighting the cake with LED spots.

And lastly we lit up the peer through from the second story in the lobby. We had hung strands of crystals a round the opening of the circular opening and the blue light refracted of the crystals creating a unique shimmering of blue sparkles and soft glowing hues in the lobby which made every guest stop and look up for a minute.

Working at Castle Douglas always means working with some of the best vendors in the area. Tonight would be no different. David Allen of Cassidy’s Entertainment was the Master of Ceremonies and DJ for the event. Every time I see David perform I am more and more impressed with the level of quality and commitment he gives to each client. I have only ever run into a handful of vendors that give the level of attention and care as he does. David of course rocked the party and the happy couple left with smiles as wide as a Texas sunset


A Helping Hand (12-6-2008)

Posted in DJ/MC Industry, Other Events on December 6, 2008 by chadalanevents

Tonight I am lending a hand to a fellow entertainer named Shawn Kelly. He is the owner and operator of Platinum Sound.

It is always a treat to ride along and assist other disc jockeys as I find ways to improve myself. It’s like looking in on your own methods and finding or being motivated to new ideas and ways to solve problems. Anything we can do to add to our available tools is a very good thing, especially since the nature of wedding and event production can throw you some very interesting twists.

The client this evening was a lot of fun. During the course of the last several weeks they had a company jingle contest and the winners were announced tonight. In order to select a prize they had to sing their jingle. What a fun contest idea to generate some great entertainment moments and give away some fantastic prizes too.

The Ashton Hotel is a cozy place for a corporate function and small to medium sized wedding. Easy access, easy to find, and friendly staff make this a fabulous location and definitely a location I will be adding to my recommendations.