The Enemy of Great is Good – Part 2

As we begin the discussion on ways you can move from good to great I want you to keep an open mind and allow yourself a chance to change some of the things that are keeping you from being great. The examples that I have taken from helping my friend turn his business around are simple, but doing them takes discipline so as part of this series I am going to share with you some of my own issues with that very subject.

First, my successful friend was a regular attendee at the local association meetings and was involved in his community.  He was taking the time to share knowledge with his peers and enrich his local community.  I often hear people complain that they get nothing from local association meetings, and all I can say is you get what you give.  It’s a shame to see so many good people struggle because they have such a closed minded approach to business.  If you have ever said “I don’t need to go to those meetings because I know everything and they can’t teach me anything” then listen up cause I’m talking to you. A close minded business man is one that will constantly struggle and/or eventually fail.  I know a person in our local association that always complains about content, they say that its always missing “meat” that all the presenters ever do is push products.  While some presenters do have products there is always “meat”, you just are already in the mindset that you can’t learn anything so you don’t LISTEN! If you would come to meeting ready to FIND “meat” you will!  You will see what you want to in everything so leave your preconceived notions at the door and be ready to learn.

The second part of this point is that my successful friend is involved in his community.  If you aren’t participating in your local community in some form or fashion you are doing your business a disservice. By opening yourself up to the community you bring awareness to your business and build relationships that will bring you business.  But ultimately, the success for community involvement is when they refer to you as the expert in your field and other seek your advice.  This status will bring you closer to a “celebrity” figure and will create community and industry buzz.  Approach with caution in this area as the work and time to get to this point is great, but bringing it all down can be as simple as an unreturned phone call.

So I leave you with this to think about.  Are you involved in your industry? Are you involved in your community?  Are you close minded?  Are you good or great?  So tell me, what are you doing?


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