City of Richardson Daddy-Daughter Dance (2-13-2010)

This years Daddy/Daughter dance for the City of Richardson at the Richardson Civic Center would be one no one would ever forget.  Now you might be thinking sure, no one will forget it, but truly this year I guarantee it was since the night before the Dallas metro area recieved over a foot of snow.  Thursday night we brooke the all time snow fall record with 9.8 inches officially at the DFW Airport, but at my house and office we recieved 12.4 inches. 

This picture was taken at 5:00pm at which point 8inches had already fallen.  Friday morning was interesting because we so rarely see snow here that I went to get the trailer of equipment and didn’t even have shovel…which I would have really needed.  I did have to dig the trailer out of the snow bear handed but since I didn’t get to play in the snow it was ok by me.

I left Arlington around 11:00am with plenty of time to take it very slow on the route to the Richardson Civic Center.  This place is such a blank canvas for any event.  Plain white walls and floors without any distracting wall decor makes this place idea for fabulous transformations. If you are looking for a place that will take well to decor lighting and any number of decor treatments then this is a great place.

This year was no different than last year, amzingly dress little girls and proud fathers all ready to let loose and have fun together.  As with last year, I am completely amazed at the level of energy and dance skills that I see in the dance competition.  I can not believe they can dance that good.  We had some laughs as we did a scooter race with a few of the dads and of course we rocked out to the best music all night long.  I am already looking forward to next year’s dance on February the 11th, 2011.


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